‘Justice and Reconciliation’

Anderson helped us to reflect on justice within the larger theme of reconciliation from a multifaceted position of environmental, economic, indigenous, political, and racial contexts. He addressed questions such as:

  • Is it possible to imagine reconciliation without Justice?
  • Why justice is central to rebuilding relationships?
  • How can we pay attention to the ‘truth’ in conflict situations?
The Revd Canon Dr Anderson Jeremiah

Anderson Jeremiah holds a PhD degree from New College, the University of Edinburgh and is an ordained Anglican Priest. Anderson’s research primarily centres on the study of contemporary Christianity and the socio-cultural implications of the shift of Christianity to the global south. His areas of academic expertise include Christian Theology in Asia, Postcolonial Approaches to Theology, Anglican Communion, Dalit Studies, Contextual Theologies, History of Christianity, Modern Missionary Movements, Inculturation and faith, Biblical Hermeneutics, Economics and Liberation Theology, Encounter between Christianity and other Religions, Inter-Faith Understanding, Religious fundamentalism and Politics, Religious Pluralism, Poltics and Society in India.

Here is another opportunity to listen to Anderson’s talk: