‘Reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians’

In the second session of our series of Zoom seminars, entitled ‘A Time to Heal: Reconciling in a Broken World’, Naim Ateek talked about his passion for reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.

Naim Ateek is a retired Episcopal (Anglican) priest from the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. He is the founder of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem and was the first to articulate a Palestinian theology of liberation in his book, Justice, and only Justice, a Palestinian Theology of Liberation (1989). The book laid the foundation of a theology that addresses the relationship between Palestine and Israel, particularly exploring how Palestinian Christians might read the Old Testament. Other publications include A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation (2008) and A Palestinian Theology of Liberation (2017). Naim and his wife Maha now live close to their daughter and her family in McKinney (north of Dallas), Texas, USA. He continues to be active in the Sabeel worldwide community and leads weekly online worship and bible study.

Here is another opportunity to listen to Naim’s talk: